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An Ode To Summer

Friday, June 30, 2006tee

The tell-tale signs say it all- the more-than-usual-scorching heat of the sun, the warm and arid breeze, the excited bums on their way to the beach, the colorful display of kites in the sky. And suddenly everyone’s dressed up in the same fashion – either in shades of pastel, light and comfy clothes, or the usual must haves: batiks and florals. (Hey, even guys too!) And if you can’t read it, I’ll spell it out - Summer’s definitely here at last!

Summer’s the time which gets me pretty pumped up, even when I was yet a kid. It was a time wherein I could dilly-dally with my time, an escape from teachers and school, a time I could watch TV all day, go to unexplored places with my family, and of course being the beach bum that I am- a time to go to the beach and do whatever I please. On the beach, I could create my version of what a sandcastle should look like. I had to put a tag on it so it could be identified as one, else someone would think it was a puddle. I could soak in the tempting clear water or bask in the white sands. That moment by the beach, I could lose myself in my own world... Watdya know, when I swim it feels like I’m the Little Mermaid! Or rather, I wish I were…

To say that summer is not summer without a beach would have to be an understatement. Summer just reminds me of Bora, and suddenly I’m overcome by this nostalgic feeling , I miss it already – the pristine white sand, great food and drinks, the parties which last all night long, the jamming crowd, and even the shopping! Being there is like being in a secluded paradise – worry free and fun filled. For a moment you would even think that you’ve died and went to heaven!

Baguio is also a frequent destination, it wouldn’t be dubbed for being the country’s summer capital for nothing you know. For those who would rather cool off and escape the unbearable heat, without doubt this is nirvana. Horseback riding at Mine’s, boat paddling at Burnham, sight seeing at Camp John Hay and the Mansion and climbing the hundred or so steps at the Grotto – so far those are the only things I remember from my childhood memories of the place. And of course, the strawberries are to die for!

Looking back at previous summers, I just have to sigh. This is my first official no-summer, one teensy fact that proves that I have indeed entered into the labor force and by doing so, kissed month-long summer vacations goodbye.

Summer’s heat is definitely in the air, it’s gotten to my head, temporarily making me forget I’m not lazing around in some sultry coast, watching the waves and listening to the soundtrack of 50 First Dates while sipping my own tropical concoction ΓΌ

I guess this summer, I’ll be throwing yearning glances at the pictures of beaches and be lost in my own tropical daydreams…

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  1. nice one tee! hahaha i really had fun reading what happened during your bday! :D it's nice to know you really enjoyed ur day :D


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