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Friday, June 30, 2006tee

Stars are heavenly bodies. Stars are in a way magical, glistening and glittering amidst the dark sky. Stars are just amazing. You can keep on staring at them, and they never cease to awe you. So tiny, yet its existence so unexplainable, the wonder of it all will probably leave you breathless.

No matter how hard you try to, no matter how long you stretch your arms, you can never reach it. It’s something you know it’s there. In a sense you can feel, but you can never touch, taste nor own. Sometimes you know you’re almost there, this close.. but not yet..

You try to stretch harder, you push yourself to your limits only to find yourself in the same hopeless spot as before- close but not there yet. In your futile attempts then you realize that the only way you can touch it is when it comes to you - when a star falls…

Exactly when, where, how a star falls.. nobody knows. All you can do is probably stare at the sky, cross your fingers and wait – painstaking and agonizing it may seem, but I guess some things just happen that way… Miracles don’t happen overnight, I’ve been told.

There are some things in life we do not have control of. Some things we want to happen, some things we wish to have, and just like that star, some things are worth waiting for.

Maybe seeing that star fall is a combination of timing and pure sheer luck. Or a missing formula perhaps, something I haven’t deciphered yet. But whatever it is, I guess I’ll be star-gazing til that moment arrives… =p

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  1. tee, that was beautiful. i hope i get to read more of your work.:)


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