A Birthday To Remember (09.01.06)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006tee

When I woke up today, it was an ordinary day. I was groggy and so sleepy when my parents called me up, 5 minutes after the other. Why they didn’t talk to me together, beats me. =) Last night, a friend was calling at midnight, I was half-asleep and I failed to answer it. When I woke up, I remembered dreaming of music-my ringtone! On my way to work, I was wondering what the guys at work will be cooking, see we have this tradition of “twisted” birthday ideas and surprises and I just crossed my fingers that this year’s gimik would be something bearable. Or whatd’ya know, maybe my angels are smiling at me and they didn’t prepare one. I wasn’t really expecting anything special and most of my friends from other departments didn’t know it was my birthday (for some reason, the HR missed out my name in the birthday list for the week. Maybe a blessing in disguise? )

I survived half of the day with nothing peculiar happening. I didn’t even notice the usual “your surprise is coming soon” sounds – people cramming doing the last minute preparations, trying to hide and act nonchalant when in fact guilt is written on their faces.. Everyone was busy doing their own thing, and I was doing mine – work and answering birthday wishes (Mareng Mides called from the States! I was sooo speechless! I missed her so much that it was a pleasant surprise!). Before our team meeting at 2 in the afternoon, my team lead Pat and techlead NiƱo talked to me. I sensed it was something serious and I felt it was something dreadful. See, before that, Mark (someone from another team) went to Pat’s cubicle and asked her if our manager’s request has been granted. He needs one of our teammates to join his team urgently. During our talk, my worst fear was confirmed. I was the one chosen to be uprooted from my team to join Mark! Yikes, some birthday this is turning out to be. What could be worst than that? On the outside, I was smiling, I did not quite grasp the extent of it yet. It felt numb, maybe I still was in denial. But I just wanted to cry. Oh well, you gotta be brave, girl. During our team meeting, I wasn’t in the mood. I was meditating and thinking of how fast things went by.. I was looking at the team in an outsider’s point of view… Soon, pretty soon, I’ll be an outsider to this group. Maybe this is my last time being with this bunch, I’ll sure miss these guys and the work I’ve come to love doing. Haaay… At the end of the meeting, our manager came in. He rarely drops by in our meetings so I sensed the seriousness of it. He said a few things I don’t remember now, I was just half listening and half spaced out… I just didn’t want to hear his words that would finalize it and make things real… His last words were “Gotcha tee!” I didn’t first grasp what he meant by that. I stared at him blank faced. Then he laughed. My team mates laughed. My other friends came in the conference room and greeted me. Haha, it was a big joke. But they sure got me.. big time.

Afterwards, they made me listen to a personalized cd with their individual greetings (touching and hilarious, really! You should listen to our very own version of Maritess..) When I thought that was the end of it, the search for the missing gifts began. (Kareen could be Charlie of Charlie’s Angels female counterpart, she’s really good at it). I had fun, treasure hunting, solving the jigsaw puzzle, figuring out the clues… At first it was scary, not knowing what you’re getting yourself into. Sort of it makes you afraid of what you’ll find out on the other end. But it wasn’t bad. I simply let out the little kid in me and had fun following the clues. Good for me Rossveth, Kareen and Pat were there to make it easier. Cheating, huh? =)

One thing I learned from this birthday, expect the unexpected. The “extortionists incorporated” are capable of anything. And when all else fails in our chosen careers, these guys will make good actors and actresses. They sure did fool me.. =)

What started as a so-so birthday became one of the most memorable birthdays. I appreciate the creativity and effort my teammates had shown to make this birthday extra special. And it was. I felt special and loved… *gawsh!* And if there’s another thing I’m sure of, its that these guys will outdo themselves next year.. Oh well, I’d better brace myself =)

P.S. Whew! I’m not moving to another team…

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  1. talented, yes, that we are very much so.:) and creative... and imaginative... and brilliant... and funny and... okay, okay, i'll stop now. hehehe... you get the idea.:) i'm just so relieved you didn't cry, tee. we were so nervous... weren't sure if we'd crossed the line that time. hehehe... atta girl!:)


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