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The Puzzle Pieces *friends4keeps*

Monday, September 11, 2006tee

Our barkada can be likened to that of a jigsaw puzzle, a puzzle we never knew we were even forming. Each person, a unique piece of the puzzle, and without one, the puzzle won’t be complete.

Aye: She’s probably the youngest in the group, but we call her “lola” or “madam” because she’s the “leader of the band”. Aye is a mature person, a real friend who is honest, trustworthy, very malambing and a great listener and confidante.. One who gives great advices, and who couldn’t forget? The group’s undeniably reigning “balut queen”. Having an “Aye” is like looking for a needle in a haystack, coz she’s really special.

Jay: Jay is “bossing”, and without any question, the brains of the group. Jay’s witty remarks and one-liners will probably catch you off-guard. Don’t argue with him coz he always has a counter-argument, even just for the fun of it. Jay may just seem mum at the corner, but mind you, he’s a very observant guy and like all of us, he has a quirky side too. When he gets his hands on a camera, just be ready to watch out for that flash that will capture your candid moments on film, okay? (because of jay, i learned and mastered that art..)

James: James is the barkada’s “chatterbox”. James never runs out of things to say and stories to tell. That makes James really unique. He’d listen to you and give you advices as well. A very responsible person who knows his priorities and goes after them. A real buddy who’ll hang out with you and the next moment comfort you when you’re down. He’s also very friendly, it is often said he is the berks' Romnick! He’s the batch’s “Totoy Bibo”, you did miss half your life if you haven’t seen this guy do the grind! :)

Dee: Deedee is the “model”, the Ms. Leyte of the group. Dee’s jamming and game to do almost anything possible, and very humble. She’s athletic – she’s into bowling, a sport she’s been into since years back. Dee is also very creative, artistic and thoughtful. You can count on her to cheer you up and be there for you when you’re not feeling that great. She may be childish at times, but mind you, once her friend is a friend for life. (This girl is my "sis", shopping and eat-out buddy, and G.U companion...)

Poppie: Poppie is no doubt the “techy” guy in the berks. His sweetness and thoughtfulness will strike and touch you. Poppie is Deedee’s “Siamese twin”, they’re like a package, one cannot be without the other. (they’re cousins, just that u know). Poppie doesn’t probably speak much when in a crowd, but when he talks, you can really see that he is a very nice person and a knowledgeable one at that,too. Someone with a passion for what he wants.

Kakat: This girl is our very own version of “Manny”. Seriously, Kakat is very sweet, a nice friend who’d stick with you even if things aren’t going your way. She’d fight your battles for you if she has to. The cool party girl who dances like there’s no stopping her. The one with the voice that you could recognize even from afar.The friend who’d bring you back to earth when she has to. Kakat’s honesty and her ability to blend in a crowd wins her lots of friends.

Jawo: This guy is the “kuya”. He’d do anything and everything for a friend and he has proven himself alot of times. This is someone you can call on anytime of the day, and he’d be there for you no matter what. He’s also one of the thoughtful persons in the group, a “hopeless romantic”, who shows his care for those around him without restraints. You’ll be very lucky to have this guy around coz he’s a gem of a friend, and with that, I know those who know him couldn't agree more..

Marky: Marky is our barkada’s “acrobat”. Marky does these things that will strike and leave you with a wide-mouthed look of surprise. Imagine him climbing into a 7-feet fence to claim a ball, or the way he’d twist his arms (almost 180 degrees with his elbow sticking out). Marky’s very honest to say what he wants to say and what’s on his mind. He’s also a very hospitable host, we’ve been sleeping in his house often, I’ve lost count na.

Emily: Emily is the “diva”. Emily is someone easy to get along with, she’s friendly and approachable. And man, she can dance and sing! Very responsible, jamming, and athletic – she can play volleyball, pingpong, limbo rock to name a few. And still manage to do the cheerdance. Truly a girl with a lot of talents and skills. No wonder she caught marky’ s heart! :)

Chy: Chy is the barkada’s “sweetie”. The typical girly-girl but wait til you see this gurl have fun! She’s game to do almost anything and her childish and child-like ways will amaze you. She’s a friend who’d listen to you and see you as you are. A loyal person who’d defend you when everyone else is saying bad things about you. She always sees the good in other people, and very optimistic about life. Chy’s amiable nature draws people closer to her.

Seldon: Ahia Don is the barkada’s “Bong Revilla”. Seldon is real nice, you’d see that he’s a person with a good heart. and very game to do anything. He might seem shy at first, especially in crowds, but don’t be fooled for this guy is one of the funniest and jammin’ persons and a great swimmer too… wait til you see the “Boracay scandal”! (hehe, peace don!)

Nyster: Nyster’s the barkada’s “forever proby” and our “clown” with or without meaning to be one. Nyster is a true friend, a very loyal person. He doesn’t get mad even if he’s been the butt of everybody’s jokes and he openly admits his blunders and laughs along with the group. It’s never a dull gathering with Nyster around, he’d send you with bouts of laughter all through-out!

Erica: Erica is the “mama” of the group. She’s very practical in everything she does. She’s also very strong in dealing with the challenges life throws at her. She’s a very dancerous person (this is the footloose queen, wlay mulupig!), very bubbly too! She’d light up the room when she’s around – with all the animated conversations and updates about the latest buzz! Just don’t make her mad or anyone who means a lot to her because she’d be in battleground before you know it. That’s how special she treats other people…

Gywn: Gywn is the "universal spammer", the newest addition to the clique. She may tend to be silent but we all know she has a thing or two to say. Gywn has a good sense of humor, and boy, does she have a good command of the Bisayan dictionary! She may punch harder than a guy but her sweet smile and charming nature draws guys closer to her...

Franse: Franse is undeniably the group's "dragon" and is Mama Erica's one and only son (who the father is, I don't know). Franse is Jawo's partner in crime - fun, game and jammin! Franse is someone you'd easily get along with and someone who'd stick by you through rough times. You could easily recognize him in a crowd, after all, dragons are hard to miss these days, right? (just teasing, bro! =) )

And well, there’s me,

Tee: the barkada’s “tanga”, and gamay-utok rolled in one. I have this knack of getting myself into funny situations, oftehtimes without even knowing it myself. People oftentimes perceive me as a snob and shy the first glance, but let’s say looks can deceive and some things are not what they seem. I guess I needn’t say more, some things are better discovered than divulged. =)

Funny how different individuals with different personalities could manage to mix and blend perfectly with each other, bind by this thing called friendship. Well, life’s indeed full of surprises… you’ll never know what you’re gonna get. For my case, I got a whole bunch of puzzle pieces I’m lucky to have found…ΓΌ

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