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Wednesday, September 13, 2006tee



like a mirage that’s what you are to me
an illusion, a trick of the eye
when I found you to be near
an inch’s distance away from me
when I thought I almost had you
you just simply disappeared..
gone into thin air
into the mists of time.
in a snap of ones fingers
in a blink of an eye
you’re gone – apart from me.
But the magical moment shall always be with me-
rekindled and relived.
the moment our eyes met
shall always be etched in my memory.
Even if a thick realm separates us
Even if you might be gone forever
Coz I know…
Someday, somewhere we’d meet again.


The Game of Life

In real life
Once decided
You either regret or forget.

In real life
There are no second chances
No strikes, no fouls, no warnings
The penalties just come by surprise.

So you gotta do your best
Do what you think is right
For once you hit the ball
It’s either safe or not.

When you hit a home run
Then good for you
But when you are out,
You’re gone for good.

Do what you gotta do
For the clock is ticking
And once the sands of the hourglass stop
Whether you like it or not
The end of the game has come.



Like the sun after the pain
Like the small plant after the drought
Like the dawn after the break of night
You hold the piece of hope that somehow,
Tomorrow would be different from yesterday.

Despite the pains I’ve been through
The heartbreaks I’ve had
The tears I’ve shed
There is hope in you that
With you it won’t be the same.

Even if I have all my fears
If I have all my doubts
If I have all my insecurities
You have in you the assurance
That if I give you the chance
They’ll all be gone.

I closed my door tight
Yet you slowly opened it
I locked my heart
So that nobody could enter
Yet you managed to get in.

And as I look into your eyes
I think I found a love so deep and true
I just hope what I’m thinking is right.

You hold the promise that I’ll never ever cry
The assurance that I won’t get hurt as days go by
The vow that my heart won’t get broken in the end…
You hold the hope a promise brings
The promise of love….


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