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Wednesday, November 08, 2006tee

I carried the tiny bundle in my arms, careful not to make any false move. I was carrying a fragile creature, my one and only godchild. It was his baptism, and the first time that I laid my eyes on him. I fell in love at first sight at the cuddly little boy. That was more than three years ago, but I still get awe-struck by the little guy.

The first few months, were mostly goo-goo, ga-ga, that sort of lingo. I didn’t exactly know or understood what we were talking about, but I knew I once whispered in his ear, “Grow up already, baby boy!” See, I’m really fond of little kids, babies and tykes alike. And this guy, is no exception.

CJ Boi grew up to be a very pa-cute kid – not at all camera-shy (hmmm…asan ba magmana!?). Like any kid, he does have his quirks too - like climbing over grills and collecting cars ranging from match-box types to big toy cars, or singing the TeleTubbies theme song at the top of his lungs.

He’s really sweet, or so I thought.ü Once he’d call me “Ninang, come here…” Then I’d go over his side. He’d say, “Ninang, hug..” and gives me a real tight one. “Ninang, kiss…” and he’d plant a kiss on my cheek. Touched by his charming ways, I waited for the next line and I true enough, it was coming. “Ninang…. Ball” and he’d point to the ball on the floor. Yeah, right, he wants me to pick up his ball. So that’s what it was all about. So young, and already a charmer. ü

Haaayyy… Grow up quick, little boy, for sure you’d be a heart throb. Then again, when you do grow up, maybe you could teach me how to bike, or skate… ü
And the godchild becomes the teacher… =p

Fast forward… I arrived at his house to visit and chat with his mommy, kumareng Mides. The super-hyper toddler was running up and about the house, fresh from his afternoon nap… “Helloooooo Ninangggg!” He was literally bouncing about, his voice reverberating across the room. I gave him a smile, and he hugged me. And then came the punchline… He yelled,
“My gift!!!!”

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