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Tuesday, November 28, 2006tee

the text message left me breathless. tomodashi joem's baby boy dead? it can't be. i just saw his wife the other month, and all of us were pretty excited about having this little boy. his first-born should be born a few weeks from now, this can't happen, this can't happen NOW when christmas is just around the corner.

then came the confirmation. hearing my friend's voice over the phone, trying not to cry. the baby was gone. it was so real. so real that i got goosebumps all over. i did not know what to say except to tell him i'm just here, and to take good care of his wife especially now. i cried when i put down the phone. i felt how deeply it must hurt.

going to the wake was another story. i was grasping for words, trying to console my friend over his loss. i was never good with these things. i gave him a small smile and a pat on the back. everybody else was telling him everything will be okay. i tried to open my mouth to say anything to console him. i know i could never take away the pain with words, all i can do is show him i'm here. i barely managed a small "don't worry em, at least we all have another tenshi in the skies watching over us." and at that moment, he smiled. a small smile, but a smile nonetheless. with that, i knew he understood.

*tenshi - japanese word for angel. way back in college, i've coerced my friend to call me tenshi tee because of my fascination for angels. tomodashi - friend*

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