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Thursday, December 07, 2006tee

Months ago, I was out with a group of friends from work and a bunch of them were playing billiards. I had looked twice (okay, okay, more than twice) coz I yearned to play. Noticing me they beckoned me near.

For someone from TC, no big deal right?

Surprise, surprise. While everybody else was busy cutting classes, frolicking around the billiard tables in the hope of turning into the next ‘Efren Bata Reyes’, I was busy - either to be found at Ayala wasting time at Timezone or at Pixels playing Ragnarok. That, or either out in Jay’s attic trying so hard at karaoke.

So why play now and make a complete fool of myself?

I stand up and approach the billiard table. I smile to myself at the thought of me playing. Those who see me as the demure, fragile girly-girl would love to see this. I’m not so sure if it would shock them or amuse them, most likely the latter reason. Well whatever, I tend to shock people once in a while. ü

See, I love learning new things and I enjoy exploring and discovering new stuff. I may not be the athletic and sporty type but I want to prove to others and myself that I’m not the girl who only sits at the corner and watch. At least, I could join in the fun too even if it means making a complete fool of myself doing so… Even if it means showing my true silly self to the world. (Is the world ready for me?! I wonder.)

As I wait for my partner’s go-signal for the umpteenth time, I can’t help but smile. My friends teased me I’m lucky that my pair was good at the game (at least he was a good sport, after all, he did agree to be my partner!…). And someone even had the nerves to ask if the reason why I suck at the game is that I’m drunk! I told the poor soul that he’ll get used to it and my antics, this is the sober me…ü

I admit, billiards isn’t and probably will never be my forte but I’m willing to give it a shot. Who knows in the process, I might become a prodigy in the game. Impossible, very. But nothing’s stopping me from trying.

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