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Wednesday, December 06, 2006tee

birthdays, parties and the gift of life.
friendships and get togethers.
pleasant surprises.
an unannounced visitor.
seeing someone you haven't seen for a while.
night outs and chill sessions.
catching up with dear ones.
a smile.
a hug when you badly needed one.
laughter. banter. smiles.
good conversation.
getting to know someone a bit more.
sharing a piece of yourself.
feeling like a child again.
spending time with family.

batch and clan reunions.
good food and even better company.

heart to heart conversations.
good and sound advice.
people who are concerned over you.
out of the blue, no occassion, just-because-i-want-to tokens or gifts.
flowers showing up at your doorstep when you feel down.
a text message from someone you just thought of a minute ago.

a call from someone who just wants to talk and to listen to your voice.
a friend offering to do a favor you're ashamed to ask.

a cup of your favorite frap. chocolates. warm brownies. ice cream.
the priceless look of gratitude from someone you've helped out.
a child's innocent view of the world.
finally doing something you've put off for a while.
the feeling of accomplishment when you've finally finished your task.
letting out your feelings.
finding an outlet for creativity and self expression.
leisure and pleasure.
sunshine. rain. sand. the beach.
singing in the shower.
forgiving someone.
mending broken ties.
letting go of things which are not meant to be yours.
a breathe of fresh air.

little everyday things.

life may not be picture perfect, but im loving it.
just the way it is.

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