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Friday, January 12, 2007tee

It’s funny, really. I seem to have the knack of unintentionally getting into these little mishaps on my own that I’ve been dubbed the barkada’s “tanga” and “accident-prone area” rolled into one.ü Speaking of bloopers, I don’t even know where to begin! It looks like it’s a shadow following me around…

I remember it was grade school when I was walking down the stairs for our assembly. I was just striding on my own when I fell – whoosh!!! I tried to regain my balance (and my dignity), but I don’t know what happened, all I knew is that instead of regaining my balance, I heard another whoosh, followed by several blaag, blaag… And before I knew it, I was at the end of the stairs. Yup, in front of my wide-eyed crush and my schoolmates, I fell all the way down.. 15 steps. (I counted the number of steps afterwards. I somehow knew that information would be useful someday.) All I remember of that day was my behind hurt and of all days, it was calisthenics day! I was practically limping doing my jumping-jacks.

If you ask my friends what they could remember me in college, they’d probably tell you a lot of stories but one thing that they’d never forget was my “pants-ripping ceremony.” That was the highlight of my “tanga” moments. It was an ordinary day in TC, and like any other day, I was waiting for my friends in the canteen since we always go to classes together. Now, our building is a long way from the main canteen so I get to hitch in my barkada’s car. It was a rainy day, so instead of having around 7-9 of us crammed up in a car (amazing, isn’t it?), there were just 5 of us! So taking advantage of the extra space, I sat down with all my might (I gained a few pounds that summer before.). After several moments, I heard a ripping sound which I ignored. Taking no notice of the sign, I even had the nerves to stretch my legs! Again, the ripping sound. This time, I was having this funny feeling that it hasdsomething to do with me. So I touched my back… Whoa… fresh air!ü By that time all of us realized my predicament, we reached our building, and as usual, we were running late. No way was I going to class that way! Good thing my friend (who did nothing but smiled in disbelief and amusement, bless you Jay!) took me home for a quick change of uniform. And ohh, about the pants, my good old labandera took pity and sewed it back. (The same incident happened twice, by the way. It must be a sign!)

And there’s this everyday occurrences.. little things that seems to be a part of the routine. Fortunately, none of the pants ripping stuff. There’s always tripping, slipping, knocking oneself off-balance, sandals snapping and falling into mud puddles.. and oh, before I forget, getting random bruises all over my body and not remembering which bump caused it- there were many of it to notice. Well, you get the point.ü

Yes, it does get annoying at times, but by now I’ve gotten used to it. Not that I’m proud of it, but there’s nothing else I could do. Stuff like that happens and there’s no use crying over spilled milk. Oftentimes, I do admit I yell in exasperation especially in my moody aka not so good days.

And *sigh*, for the umpteenth time, my sandal snapped again. What’s wrong with me? As I try to put things together with my officemate’s gluegun, I smile to myself… Tanga.? I just laugh at myself and the situation. After all, what’s life without these twists and quirks? At least, my life’s not dull. (excuses, excuses..)

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  2. Hehe... yeah, I've seen you in some of your klutz moments but I've also seen you at your most graceful. They kinda balance each other out I think.;D

    Keep writing, tee.:)


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