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Tuesday, January 30, 2007tee

Take an unbloomed rosebud and watch it blossom. Wait for it to slowly unravel its colorful petals, one by one. Notice how it takes its own sweet time doing so, much to your dismay.

Sometimes, in this world of haste and where almost everything comes in instant packages, where everything could happen in a snap and a click, the impatient spectator in me just wants to get it over with and “play nature” by forcing the petals to bloom – pulling them one by one to mimic a rose in full bloom.

But the results as those who have tried doing so could attest are nowhere near the real thing. Not to mention, unnatural – the poor thing looks dead, much like a rose origami gone bad! Simply because the rose is not ready to bloom yet. It’s like forcing a baby to become an adult overnight.

Some things are better left just the way they are, without our intervention. “Go with the flow”, as wonderfully expressed by a famous adage.

I remember the story of a moth coming out of its cocoon. An overeager spectator pitied the poor little thing which was struggling to get out of its shell. For the observer, the insect was suffering because it was painstakingly trying to get itself out of its covering, slowly getting out of the tiny hole. So the viewer got a pair of scissors to ease the moth’s ordeal. A very beautiful moth came out, premature, I must add. It spread its wings to fly, but what mystified the onlooker was it never got to flutter its wings. The moth died. It turns out that the struggling part is essential for the moth to develop the full use of its wings.

And so back to the rose. And so, I resist the urge to grab the petals and instead go with the flow. The results? In the right time, the oh-so-perfect rose in full bloom. Nothing beats the real thing.

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