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chasing lost dreams

Wednesday, February 21, 2007tee

I know when to let go of things meant for me so I let go of dreams, wishes and aspirations I know I could never have. And I’ve moved on after letting go of a particular dream, happy with my decision to pursue something else. Or so I thought.

Then suddenly, a tiny hint of hope. A gleam of possibility. A sign. A ghost from the past shows up in thin air, bringing up all those things I’ve promised not to think about anymore, along with the feelings I thought I’ve rid myself of. There’s always this part of me who has all these hang- ups and what-ifs. There’s always a tiny bit of me wondering what could have been if I did things differently. Regrets.

When I thought I have moved on, and totally let it go, I find myself wondering and dwelling on the past. Asking those unanswered questions I’ve promised never to entertain again.

What if the circumstances were on my side? What if I made the wrong decision in letting that dream go? What if that dream was meant to be mine in the first place?

And then I find myself opening the closed chapters and wanting to chase lost dreams again.


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