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Thursday, February 22, 2007tee

Pictorials: After a business meeting at Waterfront, a bunch of us wandered around the pool-area of the hotel. There we had our pictures taken, courtesy of Niño.

Mv Doulos: Kareen gamely joined me in going to Doulos. It was my first time to get into the ship and I was pretty pumped about it. I enjoyed browsing through the array of inspirational books, cookbooks, classics and kid’s books. I wasn’t able to buy anything, (Kareen was the one who did the shopping) but I was happy to take with me the souvenir and the experience of getting onboard the ship, considering the fact that it will take a while for Doulos to visit Cebu again.

Stick on Me: Everyone at work was on a sticker-craze, and after a while, you’d sort of resemble a sticker album with heart-shaped designs stuck on your clothes. And oh, it was for a good cause since it was a fund-raising activity so I didn’t mind just as long as I remember to take the stickers out before I’d raise some eyebrows outside.

Surprise Visitor: Chin-chin made my day by showing up unannounced, and handing me with a very personalized and sweet valentine card.

Dinner and Desserts: I “dated” my barkada that night- Deedee, Poppie, Erica, Chy, James and Riz, all of them! We had a nice dinner at Café Georg and had desserts at La Marea. We were up and bouncing that night, enjoying each other’s company and laughing at the results of our “pictorial” session. It had always been a tradition for Riz and me to spend Valentines with each other and I was glad that even if some things do change, some rituals don’t.

Manila Stint: I left Cebu for a brief vacation in Manila. My plane got delayed for an hour, and I was alone in the airport waiting for time to pass by… Good thing I had an animated conversation with two passengers who were also waiting for the same flight.

Shopping and Malling: I spent the remainder of the day with my parents and my cousin, hopping from mall to mall. My feet literally ached at the end of the day, but I was very happy and contented as any girl would be. To culminate the day, upon my parent’s prodding, I took my very first MRT ride.

Overnight with the nuns: We visited Auntie Fely in their congregation’s infirmary in Cavite. My aunt is a missionary nun and she was half-way around the world when I was growing up. Because of her sickness, she had to go back to the Philippines and leave her work behind. I was touched to see her optimism and her senses of humor still intact, I never heard her utter a word of complain even if I knew she must be physically hurting. Auntie Fely was smiling to see all of us come to visit her. During that weekend, she also had lots of surprise visitors, including Fr. Armand who had been in Libya with her and a bunch of FMM sisters whose melodic voices remind you of angels.

“The Calling”: Sr. Marge, together with my titas, was teasing me that maybe I was meant to follow my aunt’s steps. That night, an 85-year old nun, Sr. Flor, sat beside me for “just a little chitchat” which lasted for more than an hour. Sr. Flor was very pretty, and her chinita eyes glistened as she told me stories of her youth, her family and her experiences. In the background, Sr. Marge was poking my mother and they were smiling teasingly thinking that Sr. Flor was recruiting me for the congregation. I think she might have if it weren’t for the phone call she had to answer. Phew!

In the end, they were convinced I was a lost cause and that I was meant for another vocation. But they added that I was always welcome to be one of them, should I hear the “call”…

Side trip to Tagaytay: Together with my cousins and our family friends, we went to Tagaytay which was just a 30-minute drive from Cavite. It was a first for my mom and me. The view was breath-taking – seeing Taal Lake from the top and eating at the resto overlooking the splendid view, with local singers serenading the background. The food was scrumptious and we left Dencio’s with very satisfied smiles.

It’s amazing how a lot of things could happen in a span of a week… And although I’ve enjoyed my brief vacation, I’m happy to be back in Cebu - back to my family, work, friends and daily routines again.

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