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Tuesday, February 06, 2007tee

I enter the maze, confident that I could whisk myself out in a breeze. I have memorized the directions by heart and I bet I could effortlessly walk around the puzzle with a blindfold on. I knew the exact steps and turns needed for me to get out unscathed. I knew all the rules – when to turn, when to stop and when to go. I’ve surveyed the maze, weighed the pros and cons before finally deciding to plunge in, thinking this was another “piece of cake”.

But actually getting around the maze is way different from what I’ve memorized and replayed countless of times in my mind. Here, it seems the rules I’ve known so well don’t apply anymore. I look consciously at my surroundings, realizing that I’m in the middle of nowhere and nothing is familiar anymore.

Then reality struck me like and it suddenly hit me straight in the face: I am so lost and it seems I can’t find my way out.

Panicky, I try to replay all my steps and remember the directions but even my memory failed me. I desperately search for any clue, anything to get me out of my predicament. Still nothing. “Please not now!”, I dreadfully mumble to myself.

Then like a light-bulb switching on in the middle of a dark abyss, I knew what I had to do. I scurry along through the twists and turns. Several times I’ve had my hopes up only to be let down by the fact that I was facing a dead end. In the end, hard work and patience pays off. I finally saw the light and got out of the maze.

The lesson: a puzzle is not solved by a set of monotonous and memorized steps. There’s no right or wrong solution for whatever life throws our way. Sometimes, you just have to follow where your heart leads you to. The challenge is to trust your instincts, knowing it could be wrong, but still taking the risk to pursue it. Failure should not be something you should be afraid of, for it is only through failure and failing that we'd appreciate the sweet taste of success...

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  1. We have a labyrinth in our yard. Also, we have visited the labyrinth under part of Budapest. I appreciate your comments on success and failure. I would agree that we should usually follow our heart, but our heart does not always lead us to a place of safety. Sometimes we get confused and walk in circles. Or worse. At other times things can come true that we never even dared to dream.

  2. thanks for your comment, will.
    unfortunately, sometimes our heart leads us astray. and sometimes, it leads us to where we belong. so we also need to use our heads and make use of our better judgment too.

    sometimes, life's all about taking risks (often, calculated and premeditated ones). sometimes, we encounter failure and dead ends... these are all part of life's lessons.. =)


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