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Tuesday, February 20, 2007tee

dark. gloomy. cold. devoid of light. no sign of the sun coming out.
that was the weather.

and yet, so like me.
alone. hurt. stuck up and nowhere to go. confused.
for days, like the weather, it’s been like that.

and suddenly, without any warning, the sun came out of the dark clouds.
radiating warmth. shining its first rays again.

and so here i am coming out and seeing the light.

initially, for the first time, it was blinding.
feeling the first rays of sunshine finally hitting my face. stinging. vicious. hurtful.
at the same time, empowering. embracing. promising.

the promise of the first hint of light brings hope.

i smile as i face the sun.
like the weather, looks like there’s hope for me after all.

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