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Tuesday, March 27, 2007tee

Notice how time crawls when you’re sitting idly staring at the clock’s hands, waiting for it to pass. You’d wonder why only several minutes have passed when it seemed like an eternity. Yet, time passes by so quickly when you’re busy spending your time doing something else.

For me, that something else I was so engrossed in was life… I was so busy living every day, doing my stuff that it just struck me… Just literally how fast time passed me by!

It was just like yesterday when I remembered ushering my sister into this world. If you can call a 2-year-old ate (then an only child til that moment) pinching her newly-born sister hard and then throwing a huge tantrum asking her parents to return the baby to the hospital as ushering, then yes, ushering.. that’s what I did. =)

And just days ago, the proud ate (oftentimes mistaken as the “twin” or the “younger sister” much to the real younger sister’s dismay), witnessed the once-baby girl finish college. I only got to attend her pinning ceremony which was a few days before the actual graduation rites, but being at the background, as a bystander to this milestone, I was smiling and pleased over her achievement, beaming as if I was the one who completed her degree. I noticed her excited and accomplished look as she gamely posed for her class pics. I also noticed her breathe a smile that her “sleepless nights making requirements and taking notes” days were definitely over. I held her hand when it was time to go. This time, in a way, I was ushering her into the real world, and yup, this time, the pinch-free way.

I remember kneeling and praying beside my mother’s bulging belly, hoping for a younger brother. My sister and I would then take turns putting our heads on our mom’s tummy, waiting for that miraculous kick or any sign of movement from the life inside. Months after, while I was just fresh into grade school, my younger bro was born. He was a very delicate being, all red and splotchy the first time I laid my eyes on him. My mom wouldn’t let me carry him, much to a 7-year-old’s disappointment.

Then just a few months back, this guy just comes up to me and catches me off-guard, “ate, unsaon pag-panguyab?” (Sis, how does a guy court a girl he likes?) I tried to conceal my surprise, and stared back at the once-cuddly little tyke, now a teen-ager, asking his elder sister about courtship. I jokingly poked my bro and teased him that he couldn’t have a girlfriend because his ate is still single and that’s the rule. Imagine how relieved he looked when I told him I was just kidding before I proceeded to answer his question.

Sigh. Whatd’ya know? I really am growing old. =)

*My sister had just completed her Nursing degree in college. The pinning ceremony is a “rite of passage” for nursing graduates. For my sister’s part, it was done in a local church days before their graduation. Their clinical instructors, teachers and faculty present them with their very own “nursing pins” to signify the culmination of their nursing degree and the entry into the nursing field.*

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