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Friday, March 30, 2007tee

"Change is the only constant thing in this world."

There had been a lot of changes lately. Sometimes in a snap of one’s fingers, or like a bolt of lightning, it strikes you unsuspectingly, and yes, sometimes, without warning.

Sometimes it makes you realize of the things that you just take for granted, like the everyday routines and rituals And just like that, the reality you know so well, crumbles. And so here I am, a bystander, and yet somehow, in a way, affected by what’s going on around me.

I have nothing against change. Change is all good. It makes us grow into the better individuals that we were meant to become. Changes challenge us and give us opportunity to learn and master new things, discover and hone new skills, to meet and welcome new people, and to expand our horizons.

We shouldn’t limit ourselves, lest we become stagnant.

And so I happily embrace these changes, confident and knowing full well that even if some things do change, the only things that matter – like friendship and camaraderie, won’t.

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