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Tuesday, April 03, 2007tee

like an elf trapped around giants. that’s how i felt.

everyone is trying to speak at the same time. yet i am but a tiny voice muffled by the noise of everyone around me.

hey, anyone out there willing to listen to what i have to say?

then i look around. more words. different stories. different interpretation. it’s like listening to everyone speaking all at once. you have to either block it out or be lost in it all.

then i did it. i smiled, not because i’m admitting defeat but because saying anything would only make matters worse, because it would only add to the noise. i kept mum because i know it’s a lost cause. opening my mouth and saying anything would be pointless, i know i wouldn’t be heard anyway.

so i keep silent. just maybe in silence, i don’t need to have to say anything but i’ve said everything there is to say.

maybe in silence i will be heard.

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