happy thoughts off to the islands

etching memories in the sand

Monday, April 02, 2007tee

.. admiring the picturesque view of the sea and the island in our beach-front veranda

.. frolicking in Virgin Island, and having the island all to ourselves the entire afternoon

.. watching the kaleidoscope of colors of the setting sun

.. moon-lit walks and dancing in the sand

.. a late-night chill session with the gang in the sandbar, with the water just surrounding us

.. dipping and swimming under a very full moon

.. lying down in the sand with the waves touching my body and looking at the endless star-lit sky

.. admiring the bonfire another group had prepared, several meters away

.. the wonderful feeling of the sea breeze touching my face and blowing my hair, as i sat in the beach house, admiring the view of the sea at night

.. laughing at our silly selves when we found out that the sunblock we have been so religiously applying expired more than a year ago. giggling as we finally explained the sunburns...

.. looking at the tranquil and serene waters and the pristine white sand in the early morn

.. endless pictorials and basking in the sun, smiles and banter with friends and etching memories in the sand

*The Virgin Island is a secluded island, about a 30-minute pump-boat ride from Bantayan, a well-known destination in the North, just about a 3-hour ride from Cebu City.

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