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Tuesday, April 10, 2007tee

- My family spent early Maundy Thursday morn doing the "Stations of the Cross" at a family friend’s private hill which was a 10-minute drive from our house. On the next day, on Good Friday, my family attended the "Veneration of the Cross" celebration at the monastery. And just like every year, we attended a very solemn Easter vigil mass at the monastery to celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

- Saturday afternoon was spent scurrying the malls, and chilling at the coffee shop.
On Sunday, we went swimming in one of the resorts in Panglao. My siblings and I were so busy wading and having a blast doing so that lost track of the time. To put it mildly, by the end of the day, we all got tan-lines and sunburns. We did enjoyed swimming in the pool, walking in the white sands, taking pictures of the awesome view, or lying in the hammocks, so it was all worth it.

- It was about 3pm when we finally decided we had enough. We then went to another nearby resort, Eskaya, whose owner was my mom’s old classmate. The resort was already functional, although the grand opening was scheduled for next month. We had the opportunity to have a "sneak preview" of the resort, so to speak. And wow, was the view splendid and breath-taking! Pool-bar, hanging bridges, infinity pool, and a swimming pool for every room! You would literally forget you’re just in Bohol, somehow you’d come to think that you were whisked into a hidden and secluded paradise. We were accommodated by the manager who toured us around the place. And yeah, their seafood pizza was worth every bite, too! Although the place was still under construction and I doubt if it will be completed real soon, I know it would be a very magnificent place, first of its kind in the place.

My vacation was brief, and as I write this entry, back into the real world, I still appreciated every moment of solitude, spent with people I hold dear.ü

The word Eskaya was inspired by a name of a native tribe in Bohol.

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