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Monday, April 16, 2007tee

… the sound of summery and hawaiian music like Love by Matt White, and Honey Baby by Three Plus playing on the background just puts me in a trance. it somehow transports me to my own secluded island, with me lying on the sand or swinging on the hammocks, basking in the sun and just listening to the sound of the waves while drinking my own tropical drink. relaxing thoughts. and yes, i’m guilty of playing these songs again and again… ü

… the joys and thrills of shopping. whether it’s for retail therapy, or just for the sake of hanging out and dressing up, shopping always does wonders that only a girl (and a few exceptional guys) will understand. cliché, but it’s really fun being a girl.

… the ecstatic feeling I get each time I bond with my family and friends. whether it is killing time strolling the malls, or hearty conversations over cups of coffee, or karaoke-manic days, or marathon DVD sessions, or just being around, there’s nothing like spending time with people who matter.

… the addictive feeling of chocolate and sweets melting in your mouth, and not to mention the sudden burst of energy afterwards. endorphin-stricken, sweets lifts up my mood especially during times I really feel down and nothing seems to cheer me up. although, when taken more than moderately, could cause unwanted bulges in places I don’t want to imagine. the pains of having a penchant for sweets.

… the ever wonderful feeling of pampering one’s self after a very long week.

… the rejuvenating sensation after breaking a sweat.

… the indulgence of ice cream always brings out the child in me.

… the child-like feeling of awe and wonder of traveling. call it wanderlust, I look forward to these get-aways as my ticket to discovering new places, experiencing other cultures and traditions and as a temporary escape from daily routines.

… and i could rant on and on about the wonderful, even if small everyday things I am happy and grateful of, so the list goes on…

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