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Wednesday, May 16, 2007tee

Together with friends from work, I explored Camotes Island, which if I’m not mistaken, is located east of Cebu. Camotes, I later learned, is composed of seven municipalities and is still under Cebu’s jurisdiction.

Our chartered pump boat ride took us an hour and a half from Danao but it was a very tranquil and serene one that you will not notice time pass by so quickly. It was an especially peaceful ride, well except for the appearance of a few dolphins which stirred and created a buzz among us, the excited passengers. The water was so still, almost glass-like, that you could see the boat’s reflection in the sea. And yes, even watching the water slowly drip into the sea was a sight to behold.

Upon arrival, we didn’t waste time as we spent the entire day swimming, that in between karaoke, pictorials, skim boarding ( I just watched, don’t look so shocked!), chatting and halo halo sessions. I would never forget us chasing the school of fish, or jumping and bouncing up and about like little children in the warm sand. Come sunset, we chatted the night away under a very scenic and star-filled sky in the rock island’s hut, with just the sea breeze hitting our faces.

The next day was spent touring around the island. I managed to see Lake Danao, an 8 sq. km. area of lake water (what else! ü ). I did enjoy walking by the lakeside to get to the cottage by the lake (unlike the others, I wasn’t adventurous enough to climb by the trees’ branches which paved the path), and I much especially enjoyed sitting at the edge of the boardwalk, with my feet almost touching the water, and posing ala Dawson’s Creek! I didn’t get the chance to tour the caves, as another companion and I went back to Cebu ahead of the bunch.

I might have my adventure cut short, but I didn’t have the slightest regret about the trip. Well, maybe except for not taking a pinch of the powdery sand with me to remind me of the place…

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  1. Camotes is EAST of Cebu and Mactan Island....

  2. i stand corrected... =D i'm not really that good with directions.. thanks! =D


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