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Tuesday, May 22, 2007tee

I was reading someone’s online entries and suddenly I had this tingly feeling of the hairs on my arms raising… goosebumps.

but this wasn’t caused by something eerie, nor was it caused by reading a write-up so dreadful… but on the contrary, I was so consumed and touched with the writer’s emotions just filling up the page as if it were bursting right from his heart. i felt sincerity and his oh-so-honest words. the details and feelings so raw and unbashful, and it was giving me a glimpse of his life and his experiences. revelations.

i know this is not a once in a lifetime occurrence, as many people are pouring out themselves in blogs nowadays, given how one can have an anonymous identity doing so. but this one by far, touched me the most. maybe because I know the writer and it revealed a part of himself that I haven’t taken a look yet. discoveries.

it spoke of love – finding it, nurturing it, having and keeping it. it spoke of life, taken-for-granted daily experiences which could have passed by but in another person’s perspective, are special memories which could possibly never happen again.

i smile as I mentally noted to myself to salute the author. at least there are still guys like that out there. =)

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