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Wednesday, May 02, 2007tee

Being someone who had all the historical sites, landmarks and tourist spots memorized, or at least familiarized like the back of my hand (well except for directions on how to get there, that I have to leave to my parents!), it is still a wonder how tingly I feel when I go around the place, exploring and visiting these places again. My role, in this case, is the tourist guide and I was showing my team mates my home province.

First stop. Loay River Cruise. This, even for me was a first since this was relatively new compared to the more popular option, the Loboc Floating Restaurant Cruise. Riding the Calamay Ride across the river and enjoying lunch while getting serenaded by a local singing folk songs was an experience! A short stop before turning back was watching real tribesmen (complete with gongs, spears and bahags!) dance.

Next destination was the renowned seventh wonder of the world, the splendid Chocolate Hills, which showcased a view of the amazing hundreds and hundreds of nature-given hills.

On the way, we passed by Bilar’s very own man-made forest, which was about 500 meters of man-made thicket of trees.

And what’s a tour around Bohol without tarsiers, the smallest nocturnal primates? We spent some time exploring and taking pictures of the creatures too.

Next stop. Baclayon Church. The oldest stone church in the country, which, if I’m not mistaken, is more than four centuries old. It was breath-taking seeing a very colorful array of light coming out from the stained-glass windows, much especially that it was nearing sunset by that time.

We then capped off the day by taking a dip by the night at the Panglao Island Nature Resort. And I could have sworn we could have stayed at the pool forever, or until we were too wrinkled, if it wouldn’t be closed by 10pm…

Rediscovering Bohol that day was fun, much especially that it gave me the opportunity to bond with my friends from work as well as spend precious time with my family. More like hitting two birds with a single stone.ΓΌ It also made me appreciate nature more and what my home province has to offer to tourists and “natives” (err, locals!) like me. =)

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