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Tuesday, May 08, 2007tee

… drenching in the sun at a nearby resort during a company-sponsored activity. I had loads of fun scurrying the resort, taking lots of pictures and watching the activities, games and presentations. but I guess the highlight of the day was us getting into and playing in the party-jump. it just brings back a sense of childhood nostalgia.

… playing with little kids. I will always have a soft spot for little kids, that’s for sure.

… rushing to another outing afterwards. we were running late and arrived just in time for a late dinner. we had time to take a dip before the pool closed out. afterwards, we spent the night bonding at our room, playing board games. good thing we had a late check out permit so we got to swim and wade and slide and jump to our heart’s content the next day.

… having a Cranium tournament, girls vs. boys. The board game has officially been the barkada’s favorite board game, over Taboo and Beyond Balderdash. I still get tummy-aches when I recall Chy’s charade rendition of Moby Dick, or Aye’s sculpture of a satellite dish, or Jawo’s drawing of a baby’s breath, or Emily’s sculpture of a golf course… And worse, my one minute attempt of humming “Born in the USA”, caught on video! Scoreboard: 3-0, in favor of the girls. Yup, it is official, we are hooked.

… finally going home after a very tiresome and long weekend. and finally facing the mirror and seeing a tanned version of myself, and smiling to sleep, knowing that nothing could ever replace the fun-filled memories.

... this is definitely, summer at its best!

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