bohol off to the islands

of pumpboats and dolphins

Wednesday, August 22, 2007tee

We woke up at daybreak, ready for what's in store for us. We boarded the pumpboat with sleepy yet hopeful faces. As the pumpboat's motor revved as we went farther into the sea, I look at the water. It was not so calm. I took a deep breath, good thing I wasn’t feeling sea-sick today. As the pumpboat distanced itself from our island, I look back and see the island dwarf down in the background. I then realized that we’re going farther and deeper into the sea. Long minutes passed by with just the pumpboat humming in the background, until one of us broke the silence and blurted out our worst fear: “There’s no assurance that they’d show up, right?” I turned to look at my barkada and nodded. Then as if on cue, to lighten our dampened spirits, our guide yelled and pointed, “Look, there’s one!” Everyone in the boat sprung to life and some of us stood to see. I failed to see that first dolphin, by the time I stood up, all I saw were waves.ΓΌ It went on and on, several dolphins showed up, and came the time that we were literally surrounded by them. And thus began the part of the adventure I’d like to call “chasing the dolphins.”

It went on for several minutes, dolphins turning up and sometimes jumping as a group. And us, the spectators, chasing them. ‘Til we called it shots. We already had our hearts’ fill as we beckoned the guide to take us back to the island.

As we headed back to the island, we were still in awe of what we experienced and we were chatting among ourselves, describing it. Then suddenly, several yards in front of us, a splash. Then another. I count – 1, 2, 3, 4… A group of baby dolphins playfully whooshing in the sea. We followed them, temporarily forgetting that we’re supposed to go back to the island. Unlike the adults, this batch wasn’t in a hurry as they leaped and jumped happily in the water. Then a sudden halt. Seconds and minutes passed, and then nothing. And we can’t help but feel a bit disappointed as we felt there’s still a bit of the “show” hanging. It was the end. Or so we thought.

Then, the grand finale. Eight dolphins emerged from the water and like performers giving their final bow to their audience, jumped synchronously, as if part of a choreographed show.

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  1. dolphin lng gihapon????
    na-busy na man gud sa... toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot... hehehehehehehehehehe


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