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Wednesday, October 24, 2007tee

cynic, jaded and hopeless. looking for perfection. i was that.

after years of hard-headedness, i finally realize one thing people have long accepted and kept telling me.

perfection doesn't necessarily exist. it doesn't mean it's what's right for or good for me. it doesn't guarantee anything, not even my happiness.

blind as i was, i missed tiny details because my glance remained elsewhere. i focused in chasing fairytales and tuned off the reality right in front of me. i kept missing the important parts because i didn't keep my attention when i should. i was busy looking at the wrong places. i selectively saw everything through rose-colored glasses, closing my eyes to things i didn't want to see and looking for idealistic things i couldn't find.

..when sometimes what you're looking for is just right in front of your very eyes..

good thing i snapped out of it and unveiled it when i finally blinked.

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