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Wednesday, October 17, 2007tee

i have just recovered from the changes and here comes another unexpected blow - a big one directly hitting me. scared, i buy my time and hopefully the wind will find another target. i'm good where i am, thank you.

then it finally sank in. i feel safe under my cocoon, not ever wanting to get out of my protective shell. i have been selfish, hoping everything would just stay as they are. thinking of myself when there's a bigger picture i have to see. and then, i found my excuses - i can't do this. "can't or won't?", a tiny voice echoed in my head.

realizing that my fears are unreasonable and pointless, i succumb. how could i say i can't without trying?

so here i am, off to conquering challenges and taking on new responsibilities. stepping up and growing. improving and learning more in the process. after all, to become the beautiful butterfly i hope to be, i have to go through changes.

i plan to make the best out of this experience as i adjust to this change.

so... bring it on!

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