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Thursday, October 11, 2007tee

lots of things run into your mind. a hundred things you want to say and voice out.

you want to say it all, and yet, no audible sound would escape your lips.

you look around, seeing all expectant faces staring at you, urging you to speak.

then silence. panicky, you try to say something, mumble just anything to fill the void. but it seems you've lost control of your voice. staring back at your crowd, you wish they could just all read the things running in your mind - raw, full of emotions and real.

and so, fumbling, you finally utter the words. maybe you were caught off-guard, you weren't expecting this, and your mind was still hazy, you were unable to make out the correct words, at least, the words you've been wanting to say. the words came out and it was all impromptu. unrehearsed, it didn't sound the way you hope it would be.

self-conscious, you smile and quickly end your talk, with alot of things left unsaid.

a missed opportunity, a lost chance, and a bunch of unrehearsed words.

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