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Wednesday, June 11, 2008tee

at the beginning, life was simple and uncomplicated. the world was a kid's playground. barbies, dolls, abc's, crayons, fairy tales, chinese garter ruled our world. grown-ups belonged to a different world, one which was several light years away.

then came the discovery of the opposite sex - crushes and puppy love. of corny rhymes and poems, childhood games, boy-bands and training bras too.

algebra, calculus and college entrance exams came later on. and the love of lip gloss and high-heels too.

it seemed like yesterday when the debut frenzy came - every other week or so was a friend's coming out party. every weekend was busy spent practicing cotillion dances, shopping for treasures, fitting gowns and dresses, composing birthday wishes, attending bashes and luaus. officially, this was our passage to adulthood.

i feel it wasn't that long when i landed on my very first job fresh out of college. packaged with this phase were taxes, benefits, insurance and tons of bills.

then came the wedding invites (or baptismal ceremonies, whichever came first :) ). the debutante is now a blushing bride or a proud mom.

has it really been that long since barbies? are we really that old?!

my, how time passes by and how fast we grew up. as i look back at the years which have seemed to pass me by, i realize that it's really true - time does fly fast especially when you aren't looking. so i must spend and cherish each moment knowing this may never come back again.

nothing says it better than a famous quote:
"yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
today is a gift...-that's why it's called PRESENT." :)

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