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Saturday, July 19, 2008tee

only a (girl)friend can understand when you say " a girl can never have too many stuff" and goes on a mad shopping spree with you to fill up the inexistent missing closet space.

it is with a (girl)
friend that you can discuss the difference between orange and pumpkin, and who understands when you say that mauve and maroon, purple and lavender aren't the same.

or share your love and cravings for chocolate, and supports you when its time to put off those unwanted extra pounds gained by your penchant.

a (girl) friend convinces you that shopping is indeed therapeutic when you're down and a little bit of retail therapy won't actually hurt - except for your pocket, anyway.

but more on the serious side...

only a (girl) friend understands that boys come and go, love may not be there to stay. crushes, puppy love and infatuation are just a passing and fleeting thing.

a (girl) friend is there when you're alone and slips into the background unnoticed, waiting to be needed when you're busy in your own world.

a (girl) friend is some one whom there's no need to catch up with, no matter how long you last got together. somehow, you just pick up where you left off and the gap and the time just sort of slips away.

only a real (girl) friend gets to see the real crazy and not so good part of you, someone you can take off masks for, someone you can not be afraid to be your own self and still decides to stay.

a (girl) friend may be a needed in a haystack and is worth her value in diamond and pearls - much much more. :)

advance happy birthday to r, a true blue girlfriend, and thanks to all my good friends...

*i'm putting (Girl) in my post so that this post can be for both and guy friends. although the fashion and shopping part rarely applies to the guys :)

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