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Wednesday, August 13, 2008tee

i felt it was ages since i stepped into the house. i can imagine the sounds of trumpets rolling (trumpet sounds here) - and the prodigal daughter returns!!!

see, coming from a closely-knit family and working in a different city, i always make sure to go home and see my family at least once a month. there are times they visit me, saving me the hassles of traveling, though. but my last visit was almost two months ago (uh oh), i missed my mom's birthday (big double uh-oh). it had been very busy at work lately that i just couldn't fit it on a spare weekend because there was none. my mom's always been bugging me about taking days off from work and going home during fiesta to meet relatives, or go with them on a trip to another city - things i cannot really do on a "spur of the moment" basis.

i really feel guilty of missing so much and wanting to make up, yet feeling sometimes i've missed too much that i just don't belong there anymore. like an outsider or visitor who just comes and goes on a weekend visit per month - the visitor who can't be there 24/7.

i can imagine daughtry's song playing in the background - the one so popularized by the last season of american idol. "i'm coming home, to the place where i belong..", the lyrics goes.

i get down from the car, go through the back door with my dad following me in tow. i see my mom in the kitchen, greet and kiss her, hear my sister's bantering voice in the background calling me out using her given pet-name. i see my bro standing up from the pc he's been glued to lately to say "hi".

i sit at my comfortable place in the couch, and after catching up with everybody, start watching episodes of "house". then i hear my mom yelling in the background, insisting i eat and keeps on nagging til i get up. then the house becomes alive again, full of buzz and chatter and banter - a chaotic mess and a peaceful haven at the same time.

some things never did change. that, i'm immensely glad of.

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