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Monday, October 20, 2008tee

My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last October 16. There was no posh reception, no grand renewal of vows nor there was a ceremony. Instead, my parents opted to have a week-long vacation with the family. On their special day, we simply attended mass and had a quiet celebration at one of the resorts in Cebu. They wanted to attend mass at Sacred Heart, where they tied the knot, but unfortunately, no mass was scheduled on a weekday, so we just visited the church instead.

Looking at my parents – I set the standards and ideals of what a good marriage should be. More than they are partners and parents, they are friends. Two 50-somethings still bickering and jesting with each other – lo and behold, that is a sight to see!

More important than the grand gestures and signs of love are the little tiny little thoughtful things each does for the other. Like how my mom makes sure to buy something for my dad when at the mall – spending time to look for that one thing for him and sometimes forgetting to shop something for her own. Or the times she dutifully fans him at church (without being asked to) when he starts to sweat. Or how my dad makes sure to greet and kiss her even when he comes home no matter how tired or hungry he is.

Much more than just talking and listening and communication is establishing a connection. One knows how to make the other happy (and, of course, comes the other way - how to break a good mood too). It’s knowing each other enough to know what really matters.

More than uniformity is embracing and accepting differences and opposites. My parents are not “twins” and they certainly do not wear matching clothes (thank goodness for that). Deeper than that, they also have differences in their personalities and opinions, but it seems they’ve managed to complement and complete each other with their uniqueness. With their uniqueness, they have embraced and each other’s quirks and traits and loved each other as they are.

More than all of these are a whole lot more – like their strong values and convictions and their love, which like wine, gets better through time. :)

Theirs is not a perfect marriage, but that’s definitely close to it.


Since 25th also means “Silver” anniversary, they seemed to have taken it by heart – buying partner silver watches (so they cheated, I think white gold would be more appropriate description). And wait, there’s more! It didn’t stop from there! Though our family portrait’s yet to be done by the end of the year, they’re planning to wear silver accents as well (I think my mom’s dress will be silver!) Corny, but hey, it’s definitely a milestone which needs to be celebrated the “silvery” way!

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