Thursday, December 11, 2008tee

stuck in here. all alone... wanting to get out of this hole. and somehow, i know i have to dig deeper and wait. wait, a little while, let time pass and try again.

the wait is tormenting and the seconds seem forever to pass by.

yet somehow, i manage.
for the only thought that keeps me going is the thought of you..

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5 scribble(s)

  1. let me guess. you were setting up DTM late at night, while waiting for your bf to pick you up. ;-]

  2. not even close, kareen! :)

  3. hehe, ok. then you were in the office, hungry (wait was tormenting) and tired and the only thing you were thinking of was the yummy finger-licking good piece of crispy chicken you were going to buy on your way home. hehehe. was that closer? :p

  4. why does everything involve the office?! hahaha... workaholic, tsk tsk :D

  5. aw, what other kind of hole do you want to get out of man diay? Samara, is that you? :p


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