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Friday, December 05, 2008tee

now that the holiday season is just a wink away, instead of focusing on the usual, i decided to write about reminiscing about what every child and child at heart waits for this special season - gifts!

let me start with the pure joy and excitement i get when Santa's gifts appear under the tree. bundles of wrappings with my name written on it - i always remember the magical feeling which envelopes me each time i see that special package coming from Santa. His gifts varied from sweets to educational books to gadgets like calculators. i vividly recall the tradition - sleeping early on the december 24th and racing with my sister to see who gets first to the gifts - it was a treat! until i got smarter and figured the mystery out, starting with why santa's gifts have price tags from the local department store instead of the North Pole and why Santa's handwriting is so similar to my dad's. then i just grew up and the magic of elves and reindeers just faded, and the image instilled of santa became my parents' (which i believe is a good thing).

then my share of crappy gifts (excuse the expression). while i was in grade school, i began to experience kris kringle. while the mystery gift and giver always keeps me up and bouncing about, there are some instances when you just want to wrap the gift again - the packaging was better than what's inside. don't mistake me, i am a cheerful giver and a more cheerful receiver and i appreciate any well-thought gift from the heart but there are just some gifts that are well, extraordinary :P come revelation day, i got a wrapped package and opened it as quickly as i can, and guess what's inside? a christmas paperbag! a gift container inside a gift wrapper, imagine the look of a 10-year old who got that. i had to smile and say a spirited "thank you" to my manito (whose face and name i still remember up to this day - speaking of making an impression, huh) while stopping myself from crying... or the year i got 25 pieces of bondpaper from a thoughful soul who thought i was running out of supplies... and lastly, obviously recycled gifts - the year i got (or was it my sister?) a rusty old pencilcase with barbie stickers and magic pencil (with the eraser almost gone)... grade school was indeed full of what-have-yous. to say that this happens in grade school is entirely wrong, some of us just can't outgrow the bond-paper-giving-spirit yet. :) like my officemate who threw a fit when she wished for colorstone and got colored pebbles, lo, that was a sight!

then the shopping for holiday gifts... the malls become jammed and crammed that you hardly can breathe and you come to realize that there are sooo many people in the world, the queues are endless, and items are on sale everywhere you look! scurrying and bargain hunting and looking for stuff worth every penny can be a challenge especially at this season, but hey i'm not complaining! (not yet, anyway). after all, it's just this one time of the year where we get to give tokens and gifts to the very special people in our lives.

well.. grown-ups or little ones (even only at heart), one thing's for certain - we all love this season of gifts and gift-giving.

whether you'll be making personalized gifts like pastries or crafts or ordering things from the catalog, or whether you'll just be heading to the mall to buy your gifts, or recycling old gifts (just don't get caught!),
happy gift giving (and shopping) everyone! the holiday craze has officially begun! :)

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