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Sunday, February 01, 2009tee


travel diaries

chronicles of the first week of discovering the fusion of india’s culture, spices, colors (and scents)..

being a foreigner in india, everyday is a new experience to us. here are the highlights of the week.

definition of terms:

baho sud-an. term used when the overwhelming scents get too strong for comfort. good thing i have my minty-smelling ‘white flower’. i’ve learned the art of holding my breath and breathing from the mouth when needed. worst experience by far? someone helping me out with set-up and on the process, raising his armpit in front of my face. imagine the rest. bless his soul, that helpful guy.

butod tiyan, wala hilisi. description of the condition of not feeling any hunger come dinner time. thus, el roy, jo and i have lately been skipping dinner (replacing it with wine one time at the hotel’s lounge.)
tingog tiyan. the churn of our stomachs (joseph and i swear we felt this!) hours after eating a meal. (all meals we’ve tried so far are spicy. is there some place where spices are banned?).
curry polboron. complimentary food at the hotel lounge. we had nuts, spicy chicken (t’was good), and some thing round-shaped. my interest got the best of me and I took a very miniscule amount and my tastebuds confimed it – t’was curry polboron! curry does come in different shapes and sizes.
lamaw. depiction of unidentifiable objects mixed together in your food.we’ve had this experience on our first “real” lunch here, where joseph (the choosy one, apart from me! hehe.) said we’d try canteen food. it’s like a mixture of spices, sauces, pepper, green pepper, red pepper, and meat, you just don’t know which is which.
bandehado. speaks of the food servings. everything comes in large portions.

bidli. the feeling when the excitement on the breakfast buffet wears off. when you’re seeing the same array of selections everyday and you just want to eat something else, anything else.
tikasan. taxi drivers who usually take advantage of foreigners. in our case we experienced drivers who jacked up rates and told us they meters are broken. yah, right.
bilbil. under the traditional saree, women wear blouses and pants. most do wear mid-riff shirts exposing the curves and “love-handles” underneath.
laundry shop. someone hand-washes your clothes at the side of the street in the slum area. our “bad” or less preferred driver took us to his own version of “good laundry shop”, and yah, that’s where he took us. imagine the look on our faces – priceless.

parsing. a communication method wherein someone typically just listens to you and doesn’t completely get you, but try to make out what you’re saying via key words. for example, we asked our driver for a name of a laundry shop and he gave us his complete name.

concert. what el roy does when he plugs in his headset and gets lost in his own bis-rock world. joseph and I keep containing our gigges when we hear the non-sense lyrics on the ‘baboy sa backyard’, ‘naligsan ug kugmo’. i even recorded two songs without his knowledge, hihi :P

p.s. this post is not meant in any offense but to add a light twist to our first week’s experience. this week had also been a discovery and knowing great people at work, and good service from the hotel and our “good” driver.

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3 scribble(s)

  1. done making my first day post.. Welcome to the land of Mohinder Suresh

  2. i still have more posts to go.. coming soon! yeah go, welcome to the land of suresh!!! :)

  3. hhehehe, nalingaw ko sa imng definition of terms specially "concert". Ana jd na si Ariel, a by-heart lover of Bisrock ilabi na kng bugalbugal nga pagka-bisrock grabe! hehehehe


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