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Monday, March 30, 2009tee

You've built your hopes towering up and anticipate for something.
Be it something petty like your sundo to take you home after a long day, or materialistic like that must-have birthday gift someone promised you, or major like passing and topping the exams, or simply just the presence of someone you'd been waiting for because they said they would be there.

Higher and higher as the time draws near, like an expectant child waiting for Santa to show up, you can't wait, building your tower of excitement and anticipation even higher.

Then, all your hope - it crashes down on you. When your friend tells you on the last minute that he won't make it after all, or when people, when you expect them to, not keeping their well-kept word.

And as high as the tower was, the harder the toll on you. You may, in the end, understand but there's always that feeling, even how tiny it is, of being let down.

SPELL disappointed. Well, two words - it sucks. :(

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  1. When we are disappointed by a friend that's when the words "understanding", "grace" "I forgive you", "another chance" comes alive.:)


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