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Wednesday, April 08, 2009tee

like a crazed lunatic, i was determined to make it happen.

little by little, i went
through everything in my closet and finally accepted the inevitable - i have to get rid of stuff. a lot of stuff. that made my heart ache and sent pangs to my tummy, but yes, this has to happen sooner or later and i have to not put it off... so definitely better sooner than later and i bravely faced the challenge heads on.

as much as i want to hold on to my clothes, when i haven't worn them for ages, then
the chances are pretty slim that i'd wear them again. like any other girl, i have kept clothes for those "ifs" and "maybes", special occasions that i've anticipated and planned out in advance on what to wear - some because of the super-advanced thinking, still have their tags on and have never really found the "if" moment they were bought for.

i took my time sorting everything out.

it was like down memory lane when i look at each item. i could recall when and where
i bought each. then there were the clothes that never saw the light of day except for the trip from the store to home, clothes with their tags hanging gloriously in them. and shoes that look so brand new. then the earrings and accessories that i've never really gotten around to wearing again or have never really convinced myself in the end to wear in the first place.

i sort and sort, and the pile of "to-go" became higher.

i could remember my mom's
voice in my head "what are you going to do with all of these stuff? you only have a pair of legs, a pair of ears and one body!" be proud what i'm doing now, mom. you were and are a shopaholic, too :) i kept double-checking whether this item really has to go, and then it was no turning back.

i sigh with glee and contentment i look at my closet.

neatly arranged piles of clothing, arranged according to the colors of the rainbow.
shoeboxes piled up, with pictures of what's supposed to be inside on the outside. books piled neatly in a stack. accessories - belts, an array of earrings, makeup, necklaces, bracelets in their respective organizers. bags stacked at the corner, wrapped in soft cloth like little gifts of bundles waiting to be open.

i can't explain how it felt, but it was rejuvenating and liberating to get rid of the
extras! everything's tidied up and there was actually alot space where the extras used to be. oh goody, i proudly congratulate myself, more space and another excuse to go and shop!

that's my closet for now until it will feel like a tsunami has swept over it.
and then the cycle of organizing and sorting out will begin again.

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2 scribble(s)

  1. haha.. mao d i pila ka days ka nag organize sa imong closet :p proud of you tee =) hehe

  2. thanks aye! hihi. murag unsay na achieve!:D


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