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20 random things about ME

Saturday, May 16, 2009tee

this one's explosive, the s e c r e t l i f e of me.. NOT! :) anyhow, just a few random things about me from way back to now. must explain a few of my quirkiness, i hope. looking back, i've had a happy childhood - far from perfect, but certainly a HAPPY ONE.

1. i loved to dip lady fingers aka broas in water and don't eat them until they turn limp and wet.

2. in preschool, i trimmed my own bangs and it turned out to be a major disaster. when i was done with my hair, its length was halfway around my forehead and was in slants. blame it on scissors lying around and the curiosity of a kid, i had to wear headband to cover up the mess. that moment, i already learned the valuable lesson to steer clear of scissors and anything similar.

3. i used to sneak into my parents' room when they go out. my favorite place would be the dresser where all the good stuff are kept. i splurge into all the colorful lipstick i can put in my face. think little juanita solis. good thing, i have enough senses not to take a picture of the "masterpiece" of my face. unknowingly, i have averted myself from future blackmail.

4. my earliest exposure to beauty contests was in kindergarten where my mom paired me with my "igso" (though come to think of now, the nuns must've convinced her to enter me), we had to strut and walk around the stage (we had to practice the coordinated moves), change outfits (gown, sport wear complete with a volleyball, casual wear). the dressing up part was fun but I hated the make-up, it made me sooo conscious since I really felt the lipstick added weight to my lips and i had to make an effort to pout them as not to smear them anywhere in my face.

5. i used to join "flores de mayo" come may-time, offering flowers to mama mary. i come to mass complete with a white flowing dress, white flat shoes and angel wings. years passed and the aunties and yayas who were eager beavers to take me to flores de mayo sung a different tune - it was now my sister felice's turn to wear the wings. unfortunately, the wings were gone. i simply told her the wings flew on their own and went to heaven. she believed me of course.

6. never was i the "chinese garter" "gymgym aka patintero", type of girl. you can find me indoors playing jackstones, scrabble and the likes. that, or i'm bullying my sibs into pretending to be my students when i act as a teacher, complete with assignments and quizzes.

7. lately, i've been getting this itch to go on and buy every book that tugs my interest. this love affair with books dated way back in preschool when i started learning the magic of the written word.

8. i have two left feet. anyone who knows me can attest to that. lo and behold, steer clear of me when i attempt to show off my schzoovy groovy moves, i might step in your feet, or worse, knock a lot of things off.

9. i'm a bit clumsy. i've fallen into mud-holes, hit bedposts and table legs quite often and name it, i may have already fallen off from that. into a canal, and off a 6-foot ledge. that path had been conquered by yours truly too. i have a more than few close calls in crossing the street. thank goodness i haven't been run over by a car (not that i've been wishing to). i bruise easily and have so many unexplained bruises that i've given up trying to explain. it happens, it just does. period.

10. when i was young, my body had turned off its alarm clock on sundays. i used to pretend i'm asleep to skip mass. i hated having to wear flowery and colorful dresses and shoes that hurt. i always thought i've gotten away with it, but looking back, my mom knew better.

11. i have undergone a boyish phase in high school. call me a late bloomer but i never joined in the spaghetti-strap and short shorts society way back. maybe because highschool left us really conservative. i wasn't really a tomboy and i never had a crush on the same sex (as what's common in non-coed schools) but i really enjoyed the comfort of loose, baggy jeans (i'd even borrow my mom's old ones) and ultra big shirts. come to think of it, not so fashionable now huh. i've come a long a way from then :)

12. once i purchase them, my sandals seem to have stamped themselves an expiry date. each first use activates a hidden time-bomb. after tripping several times, i guess they eventually give up on me. i've been in so many incidents of broken heels, detached soles, cut strings that my mom believes i'm a sandal wrecker. which has some truth in it, but not intentionally. but it's a good excuse to go buy another pair though.

13. insect bites have a nasty effect on me and unknowingly, i've been attracting insects all my life. mosquitoes love to feast on my skin, that’s a fact. when the feasting is over, they turn into the ugliest, tiny black marks on my skin. arrghh.

14. way back then, my friends use, misuse and abuse my name as a gate pass and permission slip from their parents. once dubbed as “mother’s choice”, their parents gladly shoo them off when they know it’d be me they’d be with. little did they know what we were up to those days or if their daughters were really with me (sometimes I didn’t know they were supposed to be with me too *wink*).

15. as much as i love to read, when it's school material, i never get to finish anything and end up sleeping on my books the night before the exams. my classmates usually gawk at me awe-struck at how "used" my school books were and how "naning" i am to study and read my school books. they must have thought it to be humility when i told them i read a few pages and end up sleeping on my book resulting to the dog-ears, not being able to finish anything. but that was the truth.

16 .i’m not a dog lover. they may be man’s bestfriend, but not mine. i appreciate cute, cuddly, furry dogs – but from afar. i feel squirmish at the thought of them licking my skin. i honestly don’t like the feel – it’s so … wet.

17. i'd loved water since i could remember. when i was a toddler, papa took me to the bathroom to bathe me. realizing he left the towels behind, he left me for a bit with a pail-ful of water. i don’t know what got into me, must be fascination for water but i dove straight right in when no one was looking and watching. my papa found me in the pail, heads first on the bottom, with my stubby little feet at the top kicking for help. i later heard mama didn’t let papa get away with almost leaving me to almost drown.

18. my lower front teeth aren’t perfect and my parents must have spent a sizeable amount of investment to fix its imperfections. i got my first taste at age 7, first grade when i had my first retainers. it was a hassle brought on to a child, i was ages too early for it. later on, my classmates would remember me as the “girl with the retainers” and who grossly took them off at recess time, puts them inside a tiny container before she eats her sandwich. after countless retainers and braces, my teeth still look like what they used to be in first grade. but who cares? my teeth, like me, as it turns out, are stubborn.

19. my childhood was a blur of papa or yayas or aunties picking me up from school. i paid little attention to the basics – our address, getting there, that has been taken care off by the grown-ups. one day, at first grade, papa was late because he had a surgery which finished late. i sensed something was wrong when everybody else went home, leaving me and my sister waiting to be picked up. penniless, i clutched my younger sis and bravely hailed a tricycle. mustering the most grown up face i have and forgetting the stories about kidnappers, i instructed manong to our house. one tiny detail, i don’t know where it is! so recalling the usual path where we passed, i instructed him to go there, no the other side! and after eternity of feeling like we’ve been going into circles, we arrived at a familiar road. (to the guys who endlessly tease me for my being a bad navigator, yeah i had it even way back) i heaved at a sigh of relief when i saw the familiar gate and manong's must’ve been more relieved than mine. i had to borrow money from our neighbors to pay him. manong then chided me, “you didn’t tell me who you are, I know your dad and where you live”. That must’ve made it easier, it was just a small town after all.

20. i used to take directions as they are and I learned that isn’t always a good thing. mom bought a pack of chips and told a younger me i can open it and grab a bite. i did ate my share and the bag was still full. i started reading the labels – boring, boring stuff – nutrition labels, ingredients, yada yada, and something caught red and bold my eye. CONSUME FAST AFTER OPENING, it says. i called mama and my sibs to help me out in carrying out the instruction but no one came to my plea. i battled with my conscience for a while, and thoughts raced my innocent mind. if I leave the chips hanging around and mama eats it, she may get poisoned. not wanting to miss out the instruction, i ate and ate and ate the pack’s contents until my stomach hurt. mama was not so happy when she found me clutching the empty bag of chips. i told her i just followed the instructions, and it said FAST, too.

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  1. bwahahah! ka-cute nimo sis oi! funny au! :D

  2. that was me when i was young :D

  3. gibutangan pa gyud ug "wen i was young". murag ako ra gihapon now. hihi


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