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Friday, September 18, 2009tee

it's dawn, way past my bedtime and i'm still moving back and forth. my heart is beating faster than it should, pumping blood than the average. palpitations.

restlessness, of feeling jumpy at the slight sounds - even of the tick of the second-hand of the clock and imagining things in front of me. i imagine something has passed me by in a blink, only to notice nothing but thin air when i take a second look. nervousness envelopes and it feels like an extra sensory organ was activated.

the feel of in a rush, like in a race - it feels good but i should really get some sleep now.
like a watchdog, i keep watch, always mindful of my surroundings.

i try to keep busy with a novel, hoping that would lull me to sleep. i'm almost done with all 322 pages of it in one sitting and sleep still evades me.

that's it! as tempting as it may be, no more coffee before bedtime!

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