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Thursday, September 03, 2009tee

i’m at the crossroads right now. my version of mid-life crisis but a couple of decades earlier.
i’m not growing younger and the clock doesn’t go slower. time’s a-fleeting, and with experience comes realization.

i should’ve listened to my parents earlier when they advised me to invest my money wisely. that money doesn’t grow on trees and putting my money on wise investment will reap its rewards later on. that shopping and clothes and shoes may be a girl’s staple, technology is for keeps but trends become so outdated and one day, i’ll just outgrow my purchases. that money should be invested on a trust fund for starters and jewelry and land will never depreciate. now even if i have a bit of disposable cash, i realize i could’ve done better.

i realize that i’ve become too engrossed with work and getting work done that sometimes i fail to appreciate what really matters - my relationship with my officemates, the camaraderie with my friends, the bond that only sibs have and the closeness with my famly. i wish i could’ve spent just a bit of time to stop tinkering and typing away at my laptop and joined in more to the office chatter and chaos, to spend more quality time with my friends and even just to text my folks and sibs more often that i should. i should’ve spent more me-time too, that would’ve done so much for my sanity and would ease the stress away.

i should’ve smelled the flowers more often. or appreciate the salty breeze in my face or the sound of the swish of the waves. i should’ve woken up and watch the sun unravel more often, even if it means less sleep. i should have gone and let myself free while on the dance floor. or took time and effort to ease my shyness to meet new people.

i should’ve gone and chased my dreams instead of putting them off. i should’ve planned ahead of time what i wanted to accomplish instead of always living in and for the moment.

a quarter of my life has passed me by.
it had made me realize a lot of things. thing is, it ain’t too late for the remaining lifetime to begin with a newer me. a quarter may have gone by without knowing it, but it certainly hadn’t gone to waste.

and so, i welcome myself to what i could coin as quarter life crisis. and i admit the inevitable ….

i am growing old :)

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  1. very profound :) yeah! more time with friends :p

  2. hahahaha... sorry na gud ye.. :) weekends ra gyud puede.. kay nanu bitaw busy2. hehe. manlaag nya ta kada weekend like before! :)

  3. haha game ra ko basta lagi kahibaw asa ta padung :p hahahaha... btaw, busy na kaayo mo ni james preparing for the future :D hehe

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  5. shouldab..wouldab.. the important things is you are not 80 years old when you realized this.:) Because if that's the case then it's already too late to change. You are still young so it's not too late for you really. It's a good thing that you have mused over these things as early as now.

  6. nice realization.. but what's important is to keep that youthfulness no matter how old we get.. :)

  7. captured my sentiments exactly! great job sis! never fails to wow me with ur blogs :)

    weeeeeee laag every week!

  8. yeah, just realized that you were very shy when someone commented on it, kristie-ann... sabaan man gud ko so medyo dugay ko kabantay. then sometimes storyador man ka kung naa ko. hehe.

    enjoy more from now on. we'll help.:)

  9. @kareen tariman - i talk man, wen i have to. hehehe :) but seriously, depends sa setting and sa people pod tingali. yeah, being around u - it rubs on me rasad. :>

    @dee - every week! and shopping everyweek!!! hahaha (james, i hope ur not reading this) .. :>

    @marky and jo - thanks sa comments. what's impt is that it's not too late and yeah, to have that youthful glow and take on life :) ps i am not THAT old. hehe

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