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Wednesday, October 14, 2009tee

whatever are "wisdom teeth" for?

when mine grew, i had been none the wiser. it didn't feel like there was a light bulb moment, nor were there angels magically singing in the background. heck, no one was there to award me with laurels too. all i had was a bout of fever, a tingling and painful sensation in my gums as the tooth seared through my gums.

unfortunately, wisdom teeth have the tendency to avoid the laws of gravity or the natural law of how teeth grow. they have minds of their own, and grow where they want to, regardless of the consequences.

now i'm haunted with purtruding wisdom teeth which sent my once-magically-perfected front teeth back to their original crooked positions.

again, whatever are wisdom teeth for? i swear, i just could do without them. i could certainly would've done away with the surgery i will have to undergo to have them uprooted.

for now - *sigh* and put in your biggest smile!

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