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Tuesday, October 13, 2009tee

i've just completed the migration of my 365 posts to a new blog. thanks to the blogger import/export tool, the task only took me seconds to do, and i didn't even need rocket-science to do that.

on my attempt to organize my blog, i realized the daily moments captured in photo needed a new home. as i look back at my daily photojournal, i realized it's something i want to do on a long-term basis. maybe not on a daily basis, but something i'd love to continue doing a few times a week. looking back at what happened to me 90+ posts ago, taking each and every picture and coming up with each and every post was an ordeal, but it's definitely worth it with all that hassle - now that i have the proof of the days as they passed by.

i'm moving my photojournal to a new home. it's about time.

p.s. i'll still be keeping this blog. ;)

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