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Wednesday, November 18, 2009tee

i felt ready to battle, but a part of me was scared. it felt real. we had a strategy, and had loaded our guns and had our masks on and vests set. by the looks of it, everyone was taking it seriously that you would’ve simply forgotten that it was all a game - paintball at that.

i felt really lost in the jumble of noise and trees, and it felt like adrenaline was pumping real hard. i ran as quickly as i can, finding shelter in tires, barricades and trees. i survey my surroundings, but could not find anyone, just an ally. i haven’t had taken a shot at anyone yet, but certainly firing at an ally is a sin in this game, i should know. please don’t let them find me, i keep telling myself. i was too busy looking around to notice that the guy from the other team is already a few meters away from me, i move and hid and it did help, at least for a few seconds. then it hit me, a blow to the knees. it stung, even with thick pants on.

then “counter-strike” began. back to the base and off on a new round. i tried to crawl my way through the grass, hoping i’d be unnoticed. it didn’t last long, i felt really stupid and decided kneeling should do. :> from used tires to hurdles, i treaded my way til i almost got to this thick patch of bamboo. it’s a good hiding place, someone should’ve thought of that. i keenly eyed the hiding place, hoping to find recognition of a person and lo and behold, my my my, am i lucky! i saw a sign of something white, it was definitely a guy and his behind. i haven’t exactly taken down anyone or shot at anyone yet so i was really excited to shoot my aim. bang, bang, bang. and maybe another round. then the onlookers voices and amused voices shouted at me “tee, that’s your ally you‘re shooting at!!!”

oh my. :)

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