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letting go

Wednesday, November 25, 2009tee

ever held on to something you know eventually you have to say goodbye to?

makes you wonder, why on earth do I have this now if I were to let this go later on?

it’s like giving candy to a kid and taking it back. just cruel.

and yet, there are some things we have to say goodbye to. sometimes because we outgrow them, to make room for other things and priorities – the tradeoffs of growing up. and sometimes, due to circumstances, because it’s the best thing to do.

things and persons stay either for as long as we let them or for as long as they have to. we ought to grasp all the knowledge we could, cherish every single minute of the time spent, and use that thing for whatever purpose it might serve us.

and like a child letting go of his kite (or his security blanket), I let go. because it’s the bravest thing to do.

it is time for me to grow up.

*I was cleaning up my PC and saw this unposted blurb. I forgot what I exactly was letting go when I wrote this years ago, it must've been something major or who knows, it was just petty :) But anyhow, posting this so I may remember when I do.

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