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of the 5 weeks i was away...

Thursday, February 25, 2010tee

as my travel commences and as i come back to life as i know it,
i'm sharing the little tidbits
of i've learned in the 5 weeks i was off:

  • independence 101. it was that. and more. i thought i was self-sufficient and independent but it really expanded my horizons! :P i learned how to cook food. edible food, at least. i did my own laundry, and really, you should bring detergent and quarters along with you, unless you want to go back and forth in the cold for what you've missed!
  • i have learned that i may have zero tolerance for the cold, but you'll learn to adapt with it. with a few frequent nosebleeds and brain-freezes here and there, but survivor's instinct will really take the reins. layering, is really the key. plus, it's easier to say - i didn't gain weight, it's the clothes :P
  • i read maps, took track of road signs and learned to navigate! furthermore, i learned that googlemaps maybe your friend, but not all the time.
  • i learned i should really put my driver's license into use and not just as an accessory in my wallet.
  • vending machines are a good source of food and drinks. duh. but furthermore, it's nirvana for state quarters collectors like me! (with the coin return slot, it was like playing at a slot machines in the casino!) :P
  • no matter how game you are - with your plans all worked out, the weather really has the last say. i've learned late, not to take it seriously. it's never a fair fight to begin with.
  • the joy of outlet stores and online shopping. but later on i noticed that everything's pretty much really "on sale". after a few weeks and maybe a little too late, i became wiser.
  • skype and chikka became my closest friends. and even closer with ym and gtalk too.
  • i developed a codependency on coffee. without it, i wouldn't have survived the cold and oh-so sleepy mornings (and meetings). i can't say it worked all the time though, i had bouts of occassional headbangs now and then.
  • i have come to appreciate those who are in LDR's and who are, for some reasons, away from their loved ones and families. i don't know how they did it. i salute them for it, but i think i'll always want to have a sense of "home" nearby.
  • it pays really to have a smile on your face. it's true what they say, once you're in a foreign country, you'll really look for other Filipinos and build close-knit ties with them. i have the chance to have a met nice people whom i wouldn't have befriended otherwise. and yeah, sometimes, first impressions are just nothing but impressions. :>
  • and of course, no matter how busy and overwhelmed you are, it's really a must to take a few minutes off and have time for Him.

there's really no price tag for what i've come to learn and experienced over the past 5 weeks. so it is will a smile and probably, a little bit experienced than when i've started, that i will come back home.

it's been a while since i've started my countdown and now, it's just a few days more.

i can't wait!!!

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2 scribble(s)

  1. We used the mapquest instead of googlemaps simply coz we have grown accustomed to the former. One unforgettable experience: we printed the "direction" to the church, but instead mapquest brought us to Keeneland which was on the opposite direction! haha so yeah, we were late for church! haha

  2. haha. and i thot reliable ang mapquest!

    my first navigating experience - to mammoth cave. daghan au xa gipanganlan na exits ug roads na sayop. we didn't get lost but we kept on stopping to check if we are. needless to say, i never volunteered to navigate again. natrauma ko marge oi. googlemaps' fault. :D


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