jet lag

Thursday, March 04, 2010tee

i jolt out awake. i look at the clock. 8-o'clock. AM or PM?

my next thought was: "did i miss work?"

i look around. "where am i?" i was really disoriented. it took me a while then it hit me.

i'm at my room in cebu. yey, i'm finally back! i glance at the window. still dark. i must have dozed off at around 6PM.

a little groggy, i read the messages in my cellphone. replied absent-mindedly at a few.
then dozed off again.

the next time i woke up, it was already dawn. i skipped dinner and i was still wearing my blouse and my jeans. come to think of it, it's similar to a drunk who goes home and just lays flat on the first surface he sees.

i hope this tormenting "jet-lag" will end soon. really soon.

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