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Saturday, March 27, 2010tee

im 25, already an adult, but when it comes to my folks, i'll always be a little girl.

sometimes i like being a kid. it means i get to be spoiled and treated like a princess but sometimes it feels like the overprotective shield is hindering me to exercise my maturity.

i know my parents mean well. they want to guide me to be the best i can be. after all, they're more experienced than i am so they could definitely teach me a thing or two about life. or maybe, there's this part of them not wanting to let me go, yet. that the little girl has grown into an adult? i honestly can't tell.

but the thing is, i'd rather take the journey, make my own mistakes and learn from them.
i may be a little bruised at the end, but at least i learned from them than listen to someone telling me to do this and that. application is always better than theory, and yes, i'm stubborn that way.

but one thing i know - someday, when i'll be a parent, i will understand.

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