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Monday, April 19, 2010tee


it's knowing that you have all you need. right here, right now.
that life can't be better than this.

that you may not have everything, and you're far from perfect.
but life's A-OK just the way it is.

it's knowing that life isn't perfect but making the best of what you have. it isn't bout the grandeur but of the smallest, everyday, daily things.
when you look past through the glitz and the glamor and know,
that it's the small, little, everyday constant things that matter.

it's the sense of contentment of and gratitude for what you have and who's with and for you.

it's having a sense of being, a sense of purpose.
a reason to wake up, and living.

it's a feeling that radiates from deep within.

and that you wouldn't trade all of it for anything.

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