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there's this woman

Friday, April 23, 2010tee

there's this woman...

... whose eyes reminds me of glistening stars. mischievous yet happy,
twinkling, and you know that she's hiding something. a goofy secret that she alone knows but her expression gives it all away.

... whose voice reminds me of honey. sweet. child-like. well-mannered. someone who
sings and talks of prose. and of native songs which my ears never got accustomed to. of english spoken so fluently. the stories were timeless too. you spoke of dwarfs and gnomes and white ladies like they were out of a book. they sounded so real, and who knows, maybe they were.

... whose smell reminds me of flowers. of flowers on meadows on a spring's
day. it was not an intoxicating smell, but just enough to know it's there. light and with a tinge of sweetness.

... whose toothless grin reminds of a newborn baby. innocent. easy to please.

i linger. it has been 8 years. yet today, i miss you, lola.

you were always happy. content. simple and down to earth. cultured and learned. religious and
God-loving. yet, you never demanded anything from us. i could never recall if you're capable of getting mad. you took everything in stride. you lived for today.
and boy, did you laugh and sang with echoes of glee!

time was so short, i wished i could've spent more with you. i was younger
then, on my way to being a difficult adolescent and never really got around much on stopping and listening. i always had the feeling that time's infinite, and you will be a timeless presence in the household. but time just ran out. just like that, in a snap.

regardless, i had happy memories, short-lived it maybe.

i bet you're in a much happier place now, making happier memories.
and i'd like to think that you'll be looking down from time to time with your glistening eyes.
i hope i make you proud with what you see.

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